Bank Info.

Bank: GT Bank
Name: Adebayo Florence Bamidele
NO: 0119014016

Bank Info. 2

Bank: GT Bank
Name: Adebayo Florence Bamidele
NO: 0119014016

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We have gone another step ahead!. Now FefloSMS allows you to send SMS in more ways then one.

Previously you can send sms through the following channels

Text Direct:> "Sending sms without internet connection"
Facebook Application:>
Desktop :>Sending sms via our easy to use sms installer.


API:> For Programmers and developers
Now you can Send Bulk SMS with ease from your smartphones!.

Click on the appropriate Phone name to download FefloSMS Smartphone applications on your Android,Blackberry,Symbian and WebOS phones and enjoy new ways of bulk SMS messaging.
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BlackBerry Compatible with only Version 6.0 or latter of BB OS (Check your version please)

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Allows SMS scheduling
Send SMS to your phone contacts with just a click
Send to your online address book contacts and groups
Copy your phone contact to your online address book groups
Copying your online address book to your phone
and many more.