Bank Info.

Bank: GT Bank
Name: Adebayo Florence Bamidele
NO: 0119014016

Bank Info. 2

Bank: GT Bank
Name: Adebayo Florence Bamidele
NO: 0119014016

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Keyword Hosting Service

The keyword is the first word your customers will write in the text message. It identifies which messages are meant for you.

Long Code Keyword Service

Long codes are specially selected number series of the MSISDN (Mobile Station Integrated Services Digital Network). They are reserved for memorable SMS numbers widely used in print advertising, TV & radio advertising, on marketing or promotional literature, on point-of-sale goods and outdoor advertising. With


a dedicated keyword, you own your Long code campaign and your keyword – there are no hidden costs and lofty campaign development fees. The benefit of a keyword is that it is flexible enough to be tailored to any business.


Keywords enable your customers to:

  • Respond to a promotion or offer
  • Request information to be sent instantly to their mobile phone 24/7
  • Ask for a brochure to be sent to them
  • Request a callback
  • Receive a promotional mobile SMS coupon/voucher
  • Vote in a competition

The keyword platform is easy to use; ensuring that anyone situated anywhere can have access to the world of Long codes. The advanced management tools allow you to determine:

  • The response sent to the client
  • If the incoming SMS should be forwarded to email
  • If the incoming SMS should be forwarded to a mobile number
  • If the incoming SMS should be forwarded to a URL for external use

What is A Keyword?

Keywords are your unique SMS identity. They are the words that your customers will use to identify the service you are offering. The scope of keywords is limitless. When choosing a keyword remember that when customers require a service, be it subscribing to your information offering or trying their hand at competitions you are running, they would prefer sending as short an SMS as possible. So, plan your keywords with this information in mind.

Why use a keyword in your marketing?

  • More memorable than general long phone numbers and web site names
  • Provide great brand experience
  • Raise or maintain brand awareness

The response from your Long code number is almost immediate. Your marketing budget benefits around the clock, engaging directly with the consumer - not missing the moment!

Register For a Keyword Today

To register for a keyword, you need to be a registered user on fefloSMS. Once you have registered, you can apply for a keyword. Your campaign, service or promotion can be set up swiftly thereafter. If you require more information, call our support center or use our contact page on the website.